Our Story

Chris Howell racing Supercross
Being an athlete shouldn't stink. 
The Smell Good Athlete is your nose's new savior from all those pungent athletic aromas. As a professional athlete since the age of 16, I know firsthand that giving blood, sweat, and tears to my sport is a real thing. My wife on the other hand was not a fan of being trapped with the smells of my commitment to my craft. Traveling coast to coast in a sprinter van meant my dirty gear went everywhere with us and seemed to permeate everything in the vicinity. I got to work and eventually developed a product that contained those smells with The Smell Less Laundry Bag. Now it's happy wife, happy life, right?
At The Smell Good Athlete we stand in solidarity of the noses of athlete's loved ones and believe middle school P.E. teachers deserve awards. So, help us help you breathe a little better after a Friday night Football game or Saturday morning Soccer tournament.
-Chris Howell, Founder of The Smell Good Athlete