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Smell Less Odor Absorbers

Smell Less Odor Absorbers

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Our Smell Less Odor Absorbing bags are scent free and made with a combination of bamboo and charcoal to help wick moisture and absorb odors. Our accessory kit comes with 4 Smell Less Odor Absorbers to switch out in your Smell Less Laundry Bag or to place anywhere else you made need some extra help. 

*The Smell Less Laundry Absorber does not absorb all odors. It is meant as an extra tool to help your Smell Less Laundry Bag until contents are ready to be washed. Do NOT wash your Smell Less Laundry Absorber. It needs to be detached before washing and can be recharged by being placed in direct sunlight every few months. Refer to your care card for instructions. 

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